Connecticut city ranked highest in US for drunk driving fatalities

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Connecticut drivers may be surprised to learn that their state is home to the city with the highest proportion of fatal car accidents caused by drunk driving. According to a recent article in the Atlantic, intoxication is a factor in 55.8 percent of fatal vehicle crashes in Stamford, Connecticut. This is the highest of any city in the U.S., according to the report, which relied on federal data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

Just behind Stamford in the ranking was Flint, Michigan, which came in at a close second with 55.6 percent of fatal crashes involving alcohol. At the other end of the spectrum was Birmingham, Alabama, which had the lowest rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities at just 13.6 percent.

The reasons for the vast discrepancies remain unclear; however, the report underscores the point that drunk driving remains a serious safety issue on Connecticut roads. In 2011, 92 people were killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents in Connecticut, and hundreds more were injured.

Car accidents may trigger financial domino-effect

For victims of traffic accidents, the initial injuries suffered in the crash are often just the tip of the iceberg, setting off a series of cascading effects that can be both physically and financially crippling. Along with the pain and emotional distress of being hurt in a car accident, victims often require hospitalization and other extensive medical treatment for their injuries. Unfortunately, the cost of medical care after a car crash can quickly become overwhelming.

The challenge of making ends meet after a car accident becomes even more problematic when a person is unable to work as a result of his or her injuries, whether temporarily or permanently. When this occurs, crash victims may struggle not only to pay for their necessary medical care, but also to support their families and keep up with payments on a home, car or other debts. Perhaps not surprisingly, medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States.

Compensation for crash victims

Fortunately, many Connecticut accident victims are able to successfully obtain financial compensation for their injuries and related expenses through the court system. By filing a personal injury lawsuit after a crash, it is often possible to recover compensation for losses such as hospitalization, medical bills and rehabilitative care, as well as lost income, property damage and other expenses.

When pursuing compensation after a vehicle accident in Connecticut, it is important to enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer who has experience negotiating with insurance companies and can advocate on your behalf for an optimal outcome.