Errors persist in robotic surgeries

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The error rate for machine-conducted surgeries remains high; officials may need to re-examine procedures to improve patient safety.

There are many patients who have suffered an adverse medical event when they have visited a local hospital to receive treatment for their illnesses and injuries. Even minor procedures carry some degree of risk, and there is always a chance that something could go wrong.

Many hospitals and clinics have started using robots in an effort to make certain procedures less invasive. It is believed that these devices reduce the chances that surgical errors will occur, because the machines can be utilized to ensure that things go directly as planned.

A new study reviewed robotic surgeries in hospitals across the country. The review, which covered surgeries conducted from 2000 to 2013, was focused on the number of deaths and injuries caused by errors made by the devices. It was learned that 144 patients died as a result of mistakes during robotic surgeries, and an additional 1,391 people were injured.

When the incidents were examined more closely, it was determined that there were several problems that resulted in significant complications for patients. Some of the mistakes were caused by systems that would shut down in the middle of the surgery. In other instances, patients were seriously injured when pieces of the robots would fall off while the surgery was ongoing. Others were injured due to electronic shocks given off by the robots, as well as the devices making unintended moves during the surgeries.

The most problems occurred in more sensitive surgeries. Head and neck operations had negative events occur nearly 20 percent of the time that robots were used. Researchers believe that this may have happened because the devices are not as frequently used to perform these operations, leading to an increased risk of error.

The rate of error in robotic surgery has remained relatively constant, despite the increase in the number of procedures being performed by the devices. It is believes that this may demonstrate that there needs to be additional measures taken to help reduce the amount of complications caused by these devices.

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