6 tips to prepare for winter driving

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The snow and ice that occurs during the winter months in Connecticut can transform a familiar area into a dazzling wonderland. However, they can also cause hazardous driving conditions. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid road travel during winter weather. However, sometimes necessity dictates that you must brave the ice and snow.

Before you venture out, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself and your vehicle to avoid a car accident and stay safe in under inclement conditions.

  1. Keep windows and windshield clear

When conditions are less than ideal, it becomes even more important to maintain your visibility. Choose a wiper fluid that contains antifreeze to withstand low temperatures. Otherwise, you may find that the spray freezes to your windshield which, needless to say, is counterproductive.

  1. Drive slowly

Turning, stopping and accelerating each take longer on roads that are icy or covered with snow. Compensate by budgeting extra time to arrive at your destination.

  1. Keep your gas tank full or near full

This helps to prevent the gas line in your car from freezing. It can also help prevent you from running out of gas and becoming stranded if traffic delays or stormy weather force you to revise your travel plans unexpectedly.

  1. Create more stopping distance

Give yourself more room between your vehicle and the one in front of you. You should be at least 10 seconds behind. Stay alert to the behavior of other vehicles on the road so you can react quickly.

  1. Pack a winter survival kit

It should contain a warm blanket or sleeping bag, water and food, candles and emergency lights or flares. You should also charge your cellphone fully before setting out in case you need to call for emergency help.

  1. Be aware of weather conditions

Check the forecast before you leave so you know what weather conditions to expect.