Are you doing your part to eliminate traffic jams?

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Despite your best efforts to plan your drives around Connecticut, there could be times when you run into snarls of traffic that slow you down. That said, is it possible that you inadvertently contribute to traffic jams?

The New York Times provides tips on how you can do your part to keep traffic flowing in your wake. Help others to arrive at their destinations on time, all while avoiding unnecessary motor vehicle accidents.

Remember the basics

A good place to start with traffic prevention tips is with the basics. For instance, on the highway, expressway or what have you, keep out of the left lane when not passing. Driving free of distractions, including being a rubbernecker and braking to catch a glimpse of an accident, also keeps you and others safe.

Keep it consistent

While driving, try your best to stick to a single lane when not passing. This keeps traffic running smoothly, and the same applies to only braking when necessary. Needless braking triggers many a traffic jam, not just accidents. Motorists who brake unnecessarily create a cascade effect that causes cars behind them to brake, slowing things down.

Learn how to zipper merge

Have you spent years merging incorrectly? Rather than merging ASAP, which is fine with little traffic on the road, it is best to “zipper merge.” This is where you make full use of the merging lane before actually merging. That way, you do not trigger a clog in the merging lane when there is plenty of road in front of you going unused.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.