Are you ready for the winter driving season?

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While you may have spent several years driving in Connecticut in various types of weather conditions, that does not mean you cannot do with an occasional reminder. With the arrival of the colorful fall season, snowy and icy driving conditions are on the horizon.

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Check the weather

If you stay in more than go out, you may have an easier time planning trips to the grocery store and errands around future weather conditions. Keep an eye on the forecast, so you know if you need to take care of tasks earlier in the day or week, which allows you to stay home when snow and ice layer the roads.

Take it slow

When you do have to drive in the ice and snow, take it easy on the acceleration. Slow speeds allow for more traction, and it is easier to come to a full stop when necessary. On a related note, leave plenty of room between yourself and vehicles in front of you, so you have more room to fully brake.

Know your vehicle’s capabilities

Take time to refamiliarize yourself with how your car handles snow and ice. Learn how to use winter driving features like anti-lock brakes, all-wheel drive, an engine block heater and windshield wiper de-icers.

Learn how to navigate hills

Inertia is your best friend when driving up hills. Let flat streets act as a runway of sorts to help you make it up hills, doing your best to not stop in the middle of a snowy or icy hill if you can help it.

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