What are the main causes of large truck accidents?

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Truck accidents are some of the worst on the road. Whether the accident involves just the truck or other vehicles, it will result in terrible consequences. Lost time, production, money and lives are often the result of such an accident in Connecticut. To stop truck accidents or help to reduce their numbers, it helps to know the top causes of them.

ATBS explains the top cause is distracted driving. Getting too comfortable in your rig can often lead to you not paying attention to the road as you should. While this is dangerous in any vehicle, it is especially concerning in a large truck because you need more reaction time. Cutting that time short by doing other things while you drive is a recipe for disaster.

The second leading cause is speeding. Again, you need more time to react to something happening in front of you on the road. When you speed, you reduce that reaction time even more. Plus, the impact you will have on another vehicle or a stationary object will increase as your speed increases. So, speeding only makes any crash even worse.

Another top cause is something out of your control: the weather. How you react to the weather conditions and the effects on the road, though, is within your control. Take notes from other drivers. If you see them slowing down, reduce your speed. If they pull off the road, consider doing so too. Be alert of changing weather conditions. Make sure that you reduce your speed on wet roadways and pay attention to how your truck reacts to the conditions. This information is for education and is not legal advice.