Can road rash cause you serious harm?

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When Connecticut motorists take a tumble on the pavement, they can end up with scrapes. These scrapes are often called road rash or road burn. In the most mild cases, you can treat these burns at home. But what about the more serious cases?

VeryWell Health discusses the real damage road rash can do. Unfortunately, it is not always a simple minor scrape. The worst cases of road rash can cover 15 percent of the body or more. It can also cause tissue damage extending all the way down to the bone. Muscle and nerve damage is also common. When it comes to nerve damage, victims may suffer permanent sensation loss or change. This can include pain, tingling or numbness in the area.

Needless to say, risk of infection in these cases is high as well. Debris from the road may end up embedded deep within the soft tissue. In some cases, this requires surgical removal. Doctors may suggest skin grafts. This can help speed the recovery process and lower infection risk. A skin graft may also aid in reducing scar tissue formation. But severe road rash victims often cope with permanent scarring or disfigurement. This means a victim is not only dealing with the physical impact. There is the potential for a strong mental and emotional impact as well.

Road rash is not the only serious injury that crash victims can face. Any manner of injury resulting from a high-speed spill has the potential to be serious. Reading more about these instances may help readers like you handle related situations.