What are the most common reasons for rollover crashes?

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Where motor vehicle accidents are concerned, rollover crashes are among the most violent. Unlike most accidents, rollovers reflect more about the driver’s actions, the road and other environmental factors. Other accidents may be due to another driver’s recklessness, whereas rollovers tend to have some influence from the driver. Here are the most common causes of rollovers, according to the NHTSA.

While most vehicles can roll over in a crash, you will see SUVs, vans or other tall and narrow vehicles more prone to the accidents. This is due to the high center of gravity in the vehicle. In addition, speed plays a huge role. In fact, almost half of all fatal rollover accidents involve excessive speeding. Pay attention to speed signs, even in areas that you know well.

Half of all rollover crashes involve alcohol. It is important never to get behind the wheel even if you only drank a little. A small amount of alcohol can affect your judgment. In addition to staying clear of alcohol, you have to stay alert to avoid a rollover. Most rollovers happen in rural areas, with no barriers. They also occur the most in routine driving techniques. When a driver becomes comfortable, he or she is more likely to be over-confident. He or she may make simple mistakes such as fail to navigate curves.

Whereas most accidents involve another vehicle, rollover crashes tend to only involve one car at a time. With around 85 percent of all rollovers being single vehicle crashes, it is more likely that driver error contributes to rollover crashes more than most accidents.