Are drowsy truckers a threat to you?

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Drivers in Connecticut deal with many hurdles and risks on a daily basis. But did you know that drowsy truckers is one of them? Any time you run across a trucker, you cannot tell right away if they are safe drivers. If they are not, they could put you at risk without you even knowing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows exactly why drowsy driving is so dangerous. It is a type of distracted driving that is similar to texting and driving. Drivers are not able to spot dangers fast enough to react to them. What little they do react to is slow. They cannot predict risks in advance. They are not good at moving with the cars around them.

Drowsy driving is a particular risk within the trucking industry as well. Companies often encourage drivers to do routes without getting enough sleep. Though this is often unintentional, the end result is the same. There is a sort of “macho culture” within the trucking industry as well. Many truckers consider it a badge of honor if they complete a route without enough sleep. Some brag about how long they drive without resting. Unfortunately, this machismo puts drivers like you in danger.

Drowsy truckers are a huge threat because of the size of the vehicle they operate. One crash with a truck has the potential to shut down an entire freeway. One truck is capable of taking out many smaller passenger vehicles. On top of that, trucks cause more brutal damage. They often leave destruction in their wake. Other vehicles do not stand a chance, making them a huge danger.