Facial scarring and motorcycle collisions

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Motorcycle crashes bring a lot of hardships into the lives of many victims (and their loved ones). However, some are especially upsetting from an emotional point of view. While broken bones often heal and people are able to recover from many of the hardships they endure in the wake of a wreck, some injuries lead to permanent problems, such as facial scarring. Someone who sustains facial scarring following a motorcycle wreck is likely to suffer in numerous ways, especially from a mental point of view. Depression, anxiety and even problems related to one’s social life and job are a reality for many motorcycle crash victims who sustain facial injuries.

The likelihood of facial scarring in an accident

There are multiple reasons why facial scarring is especially prevalent in motorcycle collisions. For starters, motorcyclists’ faces are often exposed with nothing to protect them (as opposed to those driving vehicles with windshields). Helmets help prevent facial scarring, but some motorcyclists ride without anything protecting their faces. During a motorcycle collision, an explosion or fire is likely to result in damage to a motorcyclist’s face. Moreover, many motorcyclists sustain serious injuries due to road rash on their face as well as other parts of their bodies.

The consequences of these injuries

Facial scarring not only poses serious concerns with respect to self-esteem, but there are other challenges victims have to work through as well. For example, many motorcyclists struggle with high levels of pain and even medical costs associated with trying to address their injuries. When reckless drivers cause these wrecks, victims need to look into their legal options and our website covers this topic more.