What leads to outdoor slip and falls?

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Many slip and falls occur because of areas that you cannot predict will cause an incident.

However, there are some conditions that can exacerbate the chances of personal injury.

Poorly lit areas

While walking outside, the last place you want to encounter is a darkly lit area, such as a parking lot. This lack of vision makes it hard to judge issues like fractures or unparallel surfaces on the common walkways.

Narrow staircases are also especially hard to walk down safely in dim light. Many shoppers may be carrying heavy items, which leads to an even greater concern for safety when it comes to slip and fall incidents. If the owner knew of this issue beforehand and did not fix it, then he or she is likely liable for any injuries.

Icy weather

The winter seasons are some of the most brutal in terms of ice and snow. Often, this leads to slick and frozen areas that are easy to slip on and then lose your balance.

Many of these accidents happen due to refreezing, which is tough to prevent. Icicles melting and dripping in the middle of the day can lead to refreezing overnight. This means there is often a new sheet of ice in the morning, which may cause even more accidents.

Unsafe walkways

Property owners are legally responsible for maintaining and repairing fissures, such as cracks, in a sidewalk. However, the worst case scenario comes when owners neglect their duty to keep walkways safe for pedestrians.

This lack of preparation for repairing sidewalks can lead to dangerous situations where a shopper could get caught unaware and slip and fall.