What are the most common types of car accidents?

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Understanding the different types of car accidents can enable you to figure out how to avoid them and keep yourself safer when you are behind the wheel. 

Geico explains that most accidents occur due to drivers not being vigilant and paying attention to the task of driving. 


Rear-end accidents occur when one car smashes into the back of another. They are common in heavy traffic situations but can happen anytime. The best way to avoid this type of collision is to allow for the proper distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. The basic rule is to allow two car lengths between vehicles. 

Side or T-bone 

A side impact accident happens when one car crashes into the side of another. These accidents happen mostly at intersections when one vehicle fails to stop. The best way to avoid them is to never try to avoid speeding through yellow lights and checking cross traffic when moving through an intersection. 

Front end 

A front impact collision can occur when two cars each other or one car hits a stationary object. The main cause of such accidents is slippery roadways. You can avoid such crashes by reducing your speed in adverse weather conditions and leaving the roadway if you cannot see well enough to drive safely. 


A sideswipe crash happens when one vehicle scraps or merges into the side of another vehicle. They often take place on multiple lane roads where cars are switching lanes. You can avoid this type of accident by checking your mirrors and blind spots before switching lanes or merging into traffic.