What do you know about defensive driving?

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Maybe you recently had a car accident, one in which you wonder if you could have avoided the damage to your vehicle. Learning how to be a defensive driver may help prevent another motor vehicle accident.

Business Insider offers tips on defensive driving. See how you can lower your chances of future involvement in an unnecessary incident.

Do not take new safety technology for granted 

If your vehicle has cutting-edge safety features, you could become overly reliant on them. To double up on your peace of mind, drive as though you do not have lane assist or a blind spot warning. That way, you do not relax your guard while navigating Connecticut’s roads.

Utilize infotainment systems safely

While great for syncing your favorite apps and smartphone capabilities to your vehicle, infotainment systems can serve as a distraction. Before heading out, choose your music/podcast/radio station, disable unnecessary notifications on your system and use the voice system as much as possible.

Know what your car can do

Do you truly know how your car handles the open road and what it can do? Everything from the brakes, radials and tires to the transmission impact how you drive your car. Sit down and look over your owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with its specific components, and test out its capabilities in an empty parking lot. You may feel silly essentially test-driving a car you may have had for years, but it may surprise you to learn how much new information you can uncover with a bit of research.

Hopefully, your current car accident situation has a favorable outcome. Either way, the above insights can help you be a more capable motorist.