Accident in Plainville, Connecticut injures 3

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Distracted driving may bring to mind swerving between lanes or failing to notice that the flow of traffic stopped before rear-ending the vehicle ahead. But what about cases where, in a collision, one car is in the other lane entirely?

WTNH News reports an accident that left three people injured after a head-on wrong-way crash.

The wrong-way collision

Two people, ages 53 and 48, were driving along Interstate 84 when another vehicle collided with them head-on. Though the 48-year-old’s injuries were serious, the 53-year-old only suffered minor injuries.

Investigators report the two drove westbound in the middle lane when the other car, driven by a 34-year-old, hit them. That driver sustained minor injuries as well.

It is unclear why that driver headed eastbound on the wrong side of the interstate. It is unknown how fast either vehicle traveled at the time of the impact.

Authorities asked for any witnesses or camera footage that may lend more evidence regarding the accident.

Moving along after a head-on

There is a lot in this case that is still left to investigate. It may involve drugs, alcohol or simply be the result of careless or distracted driving. After a collision like this, it can be easy for victims to consider themselves lucky for surviving. Multiple vehicle accidents have the capacity to inflict real and lasting harm.

Struggling with pain and disability because of a driver’s negligence is a difficult hand to deal with. In situations like these,  people should seek out medical help as soon as available. After that, it may be prudent to contact an attorney to recover damages and pursue compensation.