What happens if you get injured in a rideshare?

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Mobile apps seem to be the way that most people book rides these days. However, rideshares could lead to complications after an accident. 

One of the problems with the services is that they tend to skirt or directly ignore some of the unspoken rules of doing business. They are not, however, above the law. 

Connecticut transportation law 

The state of Connecticut is still working on how exactly to handle rideshare networks. However, there has been some progress. A recent law, Public Act No. 17-140, outlines most of the concerns you would have when using these services. 

If you have any type of accident involving these types of companies, please understand that the laws regulating them are still relatively new. Your dispute could be more complicated as a result. 

Further, different states have made different progress with their laws. If your trip crossed state borders, make sure you are pursuing your case in most advantageous manner possible. 

General car accident claim process 

As the passenger in a rideshare, you would not have to worry about damage to the vehicle. However, you may need to use the drivers insurance coverage to pay for injuries you sustain. 

Rideshare companies typically have close relationships with powerful insurers. They work with these insurers not only to minimize risk, but also often to minimize the amount of each claim. Your negotiations with them would probably include multiple steps. At the very least, please be skeptical of any initial offers you receive. 

In some cases, car accidents with online booking services are similar to taxi accidents. In others, you may find it difficult to get updated information that pertains directly to your situation.