How can truck drivers stay alert?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The sheer size of a commercial truck makes it a destructive force if it ever spins out of control and hits other vehicles. One problem truckers face is staying awake behind the wheel. Drowsy driving can cause a driver to lose attention at a crucial moment and even lead to falling asleep on the road.

It is worth it to take the right measures to stave off drowsy driving that may result in a catastrophic road accident. Prodrivers has some tips to help you stay alert if you drive a truck as your profession or if you just need to take a long drive.

Do not drive constantly

If you must cross a lot of miles in a truck, you naturally want to get to your destination as soon as possible. But staying on the road for too long can exhaust your brain. Taking a break on a consistent basis, like every two or three hours, gives your mind time to process all the information it has acquired over the last few hours. Even a short break of a few minutes could make a difference.

Consume water

Some truckers drink coffee to stay alert. However, drinking water may be a better choice. Consuming water during the day can promote alertness nearly as well as caffeine drinks. Additionally, staying hydrated can prevent headaches and other discomforting conditions that may take your attention off driving.

Diversify radio listening

Many drivers believe that listening to the radio can ward off drowsiness. While this can be the case, listening to the same kind of music can become dull after a while. Switching listening choices may keep your brain alert and engaged. You could change music genres or put off listening to music and turn on a podcast instead.

Improve your sleep

While getting enough sleep may prevent you from falling asleep behind the wheel, you may need more than just six to eight hours of sleep. Consider the quality of the sleep you get. You might drift in and out of consciousness during sleep, which may leave you exhausted in the morning. To get truly restful sleep, think about putting up blackout curtains in your bedroom and wearing ear plugs to cut down on stimulus that could wake you.