How does Connecticut rank for driving safety?

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Most people in Connecticut commute to work by driving themselves. With the average commute time being approximately 23 minutes, this means a lot of people spend approximately three-quarters of an hour per day on the road just getting to and from work.

There are several organizations that have conducted studies into what effect so much commuting has on safety and motor vehicle accidents in Connecticut compared to the rest of the country. Studies also indicate which roads are the most dangerous statewide.

Overall safety

A study published in 2020 ranked Connecticut as the 11th worst state for drivers in the country based on 31 different factors. However, when rated on safety alone, Connecticut ranked second-best out of the whole country. The study found that a large share of adults in Connecticut always or nearly always wear a seatbelt when in a car. It also demonstrated a low rate of traffic fatalities. Another study ranked Connecticut 22nd in the country for the fewest fatal motor vehicle collisions.

There were other factors that brought down the overall score for driver-friendliness in Connecticut. For example, the state ranked fourth-worst in the nation for the cost of ownership and maintenance.

Most dangerous roads

Despite a good safety record overall, there are undeniably some roadways in Connecticut that are more dangerous than others. The most dangerous roads in Connecticut tend to be large, busy, statewide thoroughfares:

  • Interstate 91
  • Interstate 95
  • United States Route 6

Interstate 95 ranked as one of the deadliest highways in eight of the 15 states it crosses. However, within Connecticut, US-6 is more dangerous. Between 2015 and 2017, there were 24 traffic fatalities occurring on US-6 in Connecticut during the summer months alone.

Since Connecticut ranks well overall for driving safety, commuters may want to consider avoiding the most dangerous roads whenever possible.