How can you prevent aggressive driving?

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If you are like most drivers, you have experienced anger while driving at some point in your life. How you deal with your anger, however, can make a big difference in whether it escalates to road rage.

According to AAA, 80% of all drivers experience anger or aggression when driving.

What is road rage?

Aggressive driving refers to any deliberately unsafe behavior a person performs without any regard for safety. For example, if you are on the highway and another car speeds ahead of you only to slow down, this is a dangerous and aggressive move. Other forms of aggressive driving include:

  • Speeding through red lights
  • Weaving through traffic
  • Blocking cars when they attempt to change lanes
  • Tailgating
  • Refusing to signal when changing lanes

Aggressive driving can turn to road rage quickly. An angry driver may attempt to force you off the road. He or she may ram into you, throw objects or curse and yell at you.

How can you prevent road rage?

There will always be drivers who break the law and who act inconsiderate. It is up to you not to escalate the situation. Never take another driver’s actions personally. Instead, follow the rules of the road. Be considerate and courteous, regardless of how others behave.

If another driver acts confrontational, avoid eye contact and do not respond. If you feel that the other driver poses a risk to you, you should drive somewhere public. If you do pull over, stay at a distance so that you can pull out if someone approaches.

To prevent road rage, try to remain forgiving. Everyone has bad days and if you can forgive, you may not respond aggressively.