Is this a physical sign of a TBI?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In car crashes, some injuries continue to show up over and over. These are back, head and neck injuries. They each have huge impacts on your overall health. Head injuries in particular often result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI) too, which can create lasting problems for the victim.

Thus, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial. It helps to know what sort of head injury you are looking at to help you determine this.

Disordered consciousness

Mayo Clinic lists potential physical symptoms of traumatic brain injuries. These are often the easiest to note. They occur quickly and tend to manifest in visible ways, so others around the victim can take notice without the need to do thorough examinations.

The easiest to notice are disorders of consciousness. This includes blacking out or passing out, going in and out of consciousness, or falling into a comatose state. Right after that, blood or clear fluid draining from the nose or ears often indicates a severe issue, too.

Light reactions and dizziness

Pay attention to how the victim reacts to light. In many cases, they will suffer from a migraine or other severe headache after a head injury. This can cause them to withdraw away from bright lights. If their pupils receive exposure, they may dilate at uneven rates, too.

If a victim cannot walk in a straight line or vomits, they are likely also experiencing nausea and dizziness. These are two classic indicators of a TBI and will often grow more severe to reflect a TBI’s severity. If you notice these or any of the above listed symptoms, consider seeking immediate medical attention.