The very real danger of road debris

On Behalf of | May 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It may not seem like a big deal: a piece of furniture or work equipment falls onto the road. However, the reality is that any debris, regardless of size, can have fatal consequences for unsuspecting drivers.

Some motorists may not notice debris on the road or may have no time to react when something comes flying in their direction. Consequences of such accidents may include property damage, impalement and ongoing emotional trauma.

Life-changing consequences

Survivors of car accidents caused by road debris often deal with life-changing consequences. In an article shared by CNN, one woman’s family described how a piece of particle board barreling toward her car nearly ended her life. Due to the acceleration of a victim’s vehicle compounded with the acceleration of a piece of flying debris, the outcome can prove deadly.

Even in cases where victims make a full recovery from physical injuries, the emotional trauma may permanently threaten their well-being. They may feel fearful of driving again and have recurring PTSD regarding their accident.

Education and prevention

Preventing car accidents caused by road debris is a matter of education. People should understand the dangers of an improperly secured load. They should take enough time before driving to their destination to ensure that they have securely fastened any cargo in their vehicle. According to the AAA Exchange, some other ways people can prevent accidents caused by road debris include the following:

  • Prioritizing vehicle maintenance
  • Securing heavier items directly onto a trailer or vehicle
  • Avoiding overloading

For motorists not carrying cargo, they can practice vigilance as well. If they notice a vehicle transporting cargo, they should allow ample space between both vehicles. They should also watch the road for potential hazards so they can mitigate them appropriately before it is too late.