What can cause a semitruck crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

The size and weight of a fully loaded semitruck make it a very dangerous vehicle, which is why it’s imperative that truckers are always driving safely so they don’t put others in harm’s way. When a semitruck slams into a smaller passenger vehicle, catastrophic injuries and fatalities are possible. 

People who survive a semitruck crash may opt to pursue a claim for compensation. One aspect of this is showing what happened to cause the wreck so you can seek compensation from the appropriate parties. 

Trucker error

Truckers shouldn’t drive when they’re impaired, distracted or tired. They must be able to focus on the road so they can make decisions based on the current circumstances. 

Improper loading

Load securement is a primary safety concern because an unsecured load can cause the entire rig to shift. There’s also a chance that items will fly off the truck and become a hazard on the road. 

Other vehicles

Other drivers on the road can cause semitruck crashes if they cut off the rig and the trucker has to try to avoid hitting them. The trucker may not see someone on the side of them and end up sideswiping someone or pushing them off the road. 

Maintenance or component issues

Lax maintenance on the truck and problems with components can be serious issues. Imagine what would happen if the trucker hit the brakes and they didn’t work because they were out or defective. 

Make sure you act quickly after the crash. Connecticut law sets time limits for these cases, so waiting too long could mean you can’t do anything to get the compensation you deserve for your losses.