A car accident can affect your career in various ways

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Lost wages are part of the recoverable damages for injuries sustained in a car crash caused by driver negligence. Usually, the amount you can claim depends on how long you are expected to stay out of work as you recover and the wages lost as a result. It is pretty straightforward, especially when your injuries are not extensive.

However, some injuries can affect your ability to work in the long term. A permanent disability or brain damage can halt your career, and it is only fair that you get the compensation you deserve.

Your future earning capacity also matters

Serious injuries can affect your career progression or your ability to engage in meaningful economic activity. You may also be entitled to compensation if you can only work in low-paying jobs due to physical limitations arising from your injuries.

Given that your present wages may be way below what you would have been earning five or ten years from now, basing your settlement solely on your current wages may not serve justice. However, establishing the effect of your injuries on your future earning capacity is not as easy.

Some factors that are considered include your earnings before the accident, age, health, experience, skills and the prospects of medically improving, among others. Financial and career experts may be roped in when necessary to make informed projections.

Protecting your interests after an accident

Compensation goes a long way in helping accident victims get back on their feet, financially and physically. As such, you should aim at getting a fair settlement for the damages suffered.

Understanding how the claims process works, your legal rights and the options at your disposal when things don’t work out in settlement negotiations with the insurer will help you recover deserving compensation and protect your interests.