4 common head injuries following a vehicle collision

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Vehicle accidents are typically the leading cause of head injuries as victims of a crash might suffer from blows, hits, jolts or bumps. Several different kinds of injuries may result from a car accident. 

The below goes into depth about four common head injuries you could suffer from after a crash:

1. Brain contusions

A brain contusion is a kind of bruise within the skull. But, unlike a bruise you might experience on your leg after bumping it into something hard, a brain contusion may not immediately heal. Brain contusions can swell and bleed, which can place pressure on the skull and lead to tissue damage. Victims of a brain contusion may experience confusion, disorientation and neurological problems. 

2. Skull fractures

You could experience a bone fracture after an accident. However, one of the most dangerous kinds of break is a skull fracture. The skull may be exposed and bone shards could damage the brain. As a result, the brain may suffer from bleeding and bruising. Much like a brain contusion, a victim could experience nausea, dizziness and mental disabilities.

3. Coup and coup-contrecoup injuries

An injury on one side of the head that results in a brain injury in a similar area is considered a coup. If brain damage occurs opposite of a head wound is a coup-contrecoup. People can suffer from simultaneous coup and coup-contrecoup injuries.

4. Concussions

The most common brain injury is a concussion. People who are injured from a sports accident or slip and fall typically suffer from a concussion, yet, many people in vehicle accidents may experience the same. A concussion is the result of a blow to the head. 

Understanding your legal rights after an accident could help you through medical debt and vehicle repairs.