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Demanding Compensation For Distracted Driving

Even though driving while distracted has been around since motor vehicles were invented, it is still a problem today that leads to catastrophic accidents. As one of the premier personal injury firms in Connecticut, Moore, O'Brien & Foti aggressively pursues compensation from those responsible for tragedies brought on by impaired driving. Distracted drivers endanger more than just other drivers on the road. Pedestrians and bicyclists are also at risk of severe injury or death because of negligent drivers.

Multiple Distractors

Many things distract drivers from the attention they should give to the road, including:

  • Texting and other mobile device use
  • Adjusting controls not necessary to drive such as entertainment devices
  • Talking to others in the vehicle

If a driver does anything to take their eyes off the road or both of their hands off of the wheel, distraction can occur.

Our Reputation For Substantial Verdicts

Over the years, we have won a substantial number of verdicts of $1 million or more for victims of distracted driving and their families. Struggling with pain and disability or the death of a loved one because of a driver’s negligence is hard to bear. You owe it to yourself and your family’s future to take action and pursue compensation.

Talk With Us Today

The zealous advocacy and skilled litigation of our Connecticut car accident attorneys can get you the support you need for a secure future. Give Moore, O'Brien & Foti a call at 203-651-7096, or email us to schedule an initial consultation. All of our cases are on a contingency basis, so you do not pay legal fees unless we win your case.