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Connecticut Workplace Accident Attorneys

Lawyers Representing Injured Workers Throughout The State

Safety concerns should be a primary consideration in every workplace. When safety is not a high priority, employees can be seriously injured as a result. The law firm of Moore, O'Brien & Foti represents people across Connecticut who have suffered on-the-job injuries. While certain industries, such as construction, tend to have higher rates of injury than others, serious injuries can take place in nearly every workplace. Our lawyers represent injured workers under all circumstances, including accidents causing brain damage, knee and back injuries, and other life-altering circumstances.

Filing Third-Party Claims For Injured Workers

Under workers’ compensation, injured workers receive a portion of their lost wages and their medical expenses. Workers’ compensation does not compensate someone for their full wage loss or for pain and suffering and other damages. In order to recover these damages, an injured worker must file a third-party claim. In order to have a viable third-party claim, someone other than the employer must be responsible for the injured worker’s injuries. For instance, if a subcontractor, vendor or party other than your employer was at fault, our attorneys can bring a personal injury claim on your behalf.

If your injuries were caused in part by someone other than your employer, our law firm will also handle your workers’ compensation claim.

Our lawyers will look closely at the accident scene to determine the causes of your accident. We will look at all applicable state and federal regulations, such as OSHA regulations, to determine whether safety violations contributed to your injuries. Our law firm has handled all sorts of workplace injuries, including injuries caused in building collapses and explosions.

Contact Our Connecticut Workplace Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured in the workplace, contact our lawyers to discuss your options. Call 203-651-7096 or email our law firm today. Moore, O'Brien & Foti is located in Middlebury and serves clients throughout Connecticut. We represent all clients on a contingency basis.