Help your children understand how to stay safe this Halloween

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The last week of October is an exciting one for children in Connecticut and elsewhere. While they are probably preoccupied with thoughts of dressing up and getting as much candy as possible, you may be more concerned with their safety. At the law office of Moore, O’Brien & Foti, we want all children to return home safely on the spookiest night of the year. 

Sadly, Halloween can be a dangerous time for children, as AAA Exchange explains. More kids are struck by cars on Halloween than on any other day of the year. If you plan to drive anywhere on Halloween night, it can help to remember the following tips: 

  • Reduce your speed in residential neighborhoods. 
  • Be aware that excited children may dart out unexpectedly into the street. 
  • Watch out for people wearing dark clothing, who are more difficult to see at night. 
  • Be especially careful when backing out of your driveway and approaching intersections or crosswalks. 

You can add to your children’s safety this Halloween by putting reflective tape on their costumes and having them walk with a flashlight or glow stick. Younger children should trick-or-treat with an adult or responsible older child. Talk to your children about pedestrian safety rules before going out, even if you will be walking with them. It can also help to discuss the route with older children who will be going by themselves, as well as the time you expect them to be home. 

Our page on car accidents explains your rights if you or your children have been harmed by a negligent driver.