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Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Experienced Representation In Medical Malpractice Litigation

We depend on doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to appropriately treat our illnesses and injuries. These professionals owe every patient a duty of care. When these individuals breach this duty, serious injury or death can be the result. If you have been injured, or if you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a medical professional, an experienced lawyer can protect your rights. At Moore, O'Brien & Foti, our attorneys can address the full range of medical malpractice claims such as the following:

Our lawyers have achieved numerous favorable outcomes for injured clients throughout Connecticut.

The Tenacious, Resourceful Advocates You Need

Stated simply, it costs a lot of money to prepare a medical malpractice claim. You need a law firm that is able to advance the costs necessary to hire expert witnesses and prosecute your claim. For instance, in Connecticut, it is necessary for a physician to verify that there is evidence of negligence before a medical malpractice claim can proceed. More experts will be necessary to prove the liability of the physician and the extent of your damages. Our law firm has developed the financial resources necessary to give every medical malpractice claim the best chance for success. If and when the time comes, your lawyer must be ready to take your case to trial. In medical malpractice claims, it is highly unlikely that a medical professional will acknowledge that he or she made a mistake. As a result, medical negligence cases are much more likely to go to trial. Our eight lawyers have tried hundreds of cases and will always be prepared to present your case to a judge and jury.

Get Help From Our Connecticut Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Call 203-651-7096 or email our law firm to schedule a consultation. Our law firm is located in Middlebury and serves clients throughout Connecticut. If we accept your claim, we will advance all costs associated with litigation and will represent you on a contingency basis.