Can a messy vehicle cause an accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents lead to injuries, disabilities and death. Research shows that as of Dec 12, 2022, 324 fatal crashes occurred in Connecticut, which is a significant increase from 275 in 2018. Different factors contributed to these accidents, and messiness may be one of them.

A driver in a disorganized vehicle may crash into you. Here is how this can happen.

Looking for items

A driver who lacks designated areas for their belongings may put them anywhere in the car. Thus, when they want an item, they may have to look everywhere, including under the seat or in the back seats. Accordingly, they will not focus on the road and can hit you. Drivers with organization rarely have this issue as they know where everything is.

Inference with the pedals

Car pedals – brake, accelerator and/or clutch, should be free of clutter to ensure safe driving. An interference on any of them makes it hard to control the power and speed of a car.

A driver in a messy vehicle may find it hard to operate a pedal when it’s hindered with a solid object, for example, when a ball or toy rolls under the brake pedal. This can be dangerous when a quick response is needed.

Impaired visibility

Clutter can accumulate dirt and other contaminants in a car, which will build up on the windshield and side windows. This can impair a driver’s visibility, especially if they don’t wash their vehicle regularly because, in most cases, windshield wipers may not eliminate all of the dirt. Such a driver may not see your car when you are around them.

A driver in a messy vehicle can hit you, leading to injuries. You should learn more about your case to get fair compensation.