Can you file a medical malpractice claim against the hospital?

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When you go to a hospital, your mission is pretty clear – you need treatment for your illness so you can get back on your feet. Unfortunately, you might end up sustaining additional injuries or developing complications at the hands of the healthcare provider. If these injuries or complications were preventable, you might consider suing either the hospital or the healthcare provider who attended to you.

Like any legal matter, however, suing the hospital can be very tricky. So, what does it take to file a successful medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital?

Suing the hospital for medical malpractice

The hospital can be liable for your injuries if it engaged in some form of negligent corporate or administrative practices. For instance, if the facility was deliberately understaffed to cut overhead costs, you may sue for any injuries attributable to overworked and fatigued healthcare providers. Likewise, you can sue the hospital if you have evidence that they knowingly hired and retained incompetent, deregistered or unqualified healthcare providers. 

You may also hold the facility liable for negligence-related injuries or complications through the doctrine of “vicarious liability.” Basically, this means holding the hospital accountable for its employees’ mistakes. For instance, if you sustain injuries while receiving treatment, you would argue that the employer (the hospital) rather than the employees should be answerable for your injuries. The primary question is always whether or not you received appropriate care while at the hospital. If this did not happen, then you can have a case against the facility.

Medical malpractice can lead to serious injuries or even death. Understanding Connecticut negligence laws can help you protect your rights and interests while building a medical malpractice case against the hospital.