How can overloaded trucks cause an accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Every day, as people navigate the busy streets and highways, there is a hidden danger that often goes unnoticed. The source of this is trucks that workers overload. These heavy-duty vehicles play a huge role in transporting goods, but their excessive weight can lead to serious accidents.

There are reasons why overloaded trucks are risky, including the potential consequences they pose on the roads.

Weight issues

One of the biggest problems with overloaded trucks is their weight. When these trucks carry more than they should, it makes them harder to control. The extra weight makes it tough to stop or turn suddenly, and this difficulty in control can result in dangerous situations like collisions or the truck rolling over.

Brake failure

The extra weight also puts a lot of strain on the truck’s brakes. Over time, this strain can cause the brakes to wear out faster, increasing the chances of brake failure. If a massive overloaded truck can not stop when it needs to, it can set off a chain reaction of collisions. This is a serious problem for both the truck driver and everyone else sharing the road.

Road damage and infrastructure strain

Overloaded trucks can damage the very roads they travel on. The excessive weight leads to quicker wear and tear on the roads, causing potholes, cracks and other issues. These deteriorating road conditions pose a risk to all drivers.

In people’s everyday travels, overloaded trucks might not grab someone’s attention, but they pose a real threat on the road. Although deaths in large-truck accidents went down by 1.3% in America from 2019 to 2020, understanding the risks through better rules and safety measures is important. By doing so, everyone can travel with greater confidence.